Santas Without Chimneys works predominantly through Madison Metropolitan School District's Transition Education Program to provide gifts to families currently living in campsites, cars, on the streets, or in other inadequate and/or unstable accommodations. If any child in your family is enrolled with MMSD, contact your social worker for more information.

If your family does not attend MMSD, eligible families include those:

  • Living in a car, park, campground, abandoned building, or other inadequate accommodation
  • Temporarily living in a motel or hotel, or "doubled-up," due to loss of housing, economic hardship or similar reasons

In addition to families, we also serve minors living alone not in the physical care of a parent or guardian, including LGBTQIA+ youth. We realize these minors may not be interested in toys or a visit from Santa (or maybe also yes!), and encourage them to make whatever requests will most improve their lives.

If one of these situations describes you or your family, or if you are a social services provider working outside of MMSD interested in making referrals, please contact to confirm eligibility and discuss how to get connected to the program.

Please note: those who do not celebrate Christmas and/or do not have a "Santa" tradition are absolutely welcome. We will work with you to make your experience a good one!